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Adelson e Salvini

Adelson e Salvini

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Opera Rara releases Bellini’s first opera Adelson e Salvini, written in 1825 while the composer was still a student at the Naples Conservatory. Marking the company’s third complete opera recording... read more

Song title Time Format Price
playstop01 Sinfonia30/12/1899 01:59:00
playstop02 Immagine gradita…30/12/1899 01:09:00
playstop03 Vien gente, ah mi dispiace30/12/1899 01:40:00
playstop04 Andate pure (dialogue)30/12/1899 01:40:00
playstop05 Geronio ancor non viene30/12/1899 03:00:00
playstop06 Ebbene, hai tu… (dialogue)30/12/1899 02:04:00
playstop07 Bonifacio Voccafrola?30/12/1899 00:47:00
playstop08 Mo che torna (dialogue)30/12/1899 03:56:00
playstop09 Speranza sedutrice30/12/1899 03:24:00
playstop10 Dico io... (dialogue)30/12/1899 01:19:00
playstop11 Dopo l'oscuro nembo30/12/1899 01:45:00
playstop12 Ma, non e quegli Salvini (dialogue)30/12/1899 01:19:00
playstop13 Ah! L'opresse il dolor30/12/1899 02:14:00
playstop14 E quest'alma30/12/1899 01:15:00
playstop15 Addo site?30/12/1899 00:57:00
playstop16 Noi qui l'attenderemo30/12/1899 01:10:00
playstop17 Obliarti? Abbandonarti?30/12/1899 03:25:00
playstop18 Oh, voi che siete!30/12/1899 01:36:00
playstop19 Di piacer la voce30/12/1899 02:16:00
playstop20 Eh, Geronio!30/12/1899 00:36:00
playstop21 E dunque ritornato (dialogue)30/12/1899 03:31:00
playstop22 Vieni, uomo snaturato! (dialogue)30/12/1899 03:00:00
playstop23 Torna, o caro30/12/1899 03:08:00
playstop24 Resta Salvini (dialogue)30/12/1899 02:39:00
playstop25 Ora, vi lo caso e bello!30/12/1899 02:25:00
playstop26 Venite o mie care (dialogue)30/12/1899 01:30:00
playstop27 Ecco alfin quel caro oggetto30/12/1899 01:29:00
playstop28 Al foco30/12/1899 03:34:00
playstop29 E il Ciel, che in questa guisa30/12/1899 01:36:00
playstop30 Che a me si conduca (dialogue)30/12/1899 01:27:00
playstop31 Baldanzoso che dici?30/12/1899 05:59:00
playstop32 Oh con quai rozzi (dialogue)30/12/1899 03:55:00
playstop33 Ebben perche respira30/12/1899 02:59:00
playstop34 Si cadro... Ma estinto ancora30/12/1899 04:53:00
playstop35 E gia tempo (dialogue)30/12/1899 01:52:00
playstop36 Ah Nelly. tributo umile30/12/1899 00:49:00
playstop37 Dopo l'oscuro nembo30/12/1899 03:14:00
playstop38 Speranza Sseduttrice30/12/1899 01:42:00
playstop39 Ah! L'opresse il dolor30/12/1899 03:09:00
playstop40 Ehi! Geronio!30/12/1899 03:59:00
Opera Rara releases Bellini’s first opera Adelson e Salvini, written in 1825 while the composer was still a student at the Naples Conservatory. Marking the company’s third complete opera recording by Bellini, following La straniera and Il Pirata, up and coming bel canto specialist Daniele Rustioni leads the BBC Symphony Orchestra in their fourth collaboration with Opera Rara. Daniela Barcellona sings the role of Nelly and is joined by Enea Scala as Salvini and Simone Alberghini as Lord Adelson. Inspired by Baculard d’Arnaud’s 1772 series of novellas, Les Épreuves du sentiment, Adelson e Salvini was so popular that the students of the Naples Conservatory performed it every Sunday for a year and its impact was such that the intendant of the Teatro di San Carlo immediately commissioned Bellini’s first professional opera. While the influence of the older composer Rossini is evident, Adelson e Salvini exhibits a young Bellini already in the midst of developing his very own original style. Several revisions were made to this student work in the years followings its first performances but it was not until 1985 when Adelson e Salvini was staged by the Teatro Metropolitan in the composer’s hometown of Catania that the work received its first professional performance. Opera Rara’s revival of Adelson e Salvini is based on a new critical edition using Bellini’s original score. The opera was recorded in the studio a week prior to a concert performance given at the Barbican last May. As The Observer commented, “Opera Rara, busy since the 1970s unearthing forgotten operas, chose Adelson e Salvini for a second, fruitful collaboration this season with the BBC Symphony Orchestra ... Energy exploded from [Daniele Rustioni’s] every limb, eliciting spry, lively playing from the BBCSO even in rumpty-tum longueurs...”
Daniela Barcellona (Nelly), Simone Alberghini (Lord Adelson), Enea Scala (Salvini), Rodion Pogossov (Colonel Struley), David Soar (Geronio), Kathryn Rudge (Fanny), Leah-Marian Jones (Madama Rivers). Opera Rara Chorus, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Daniele Rustioni - conductor
The opera is set in Ireland at some point in the seventeenth century, at a castle belonging to Lord Adelson. Act I The beautiful grounds of the castle estate, with two small temples visible, each bearing a motto: on the left, ‘To Love’, and on the right, ‘To Sorrow’. Fanny, a young servant in Adelson’s household, is sitting on the grass sketching an image of her painting teacher Salvini, an Italian artist befriended by Adelson in Rome and brought back with him to Ireland. She sings of her secret love for Salvini (Introduction, ‘Immagine gradita’), but is interrupted by the arrival of her aunt, the housekeeper Madam Rivers, and other servants, including the duplicitous Geronio, to celebrate the imminent return of Adelson from London. Geronio claims that Adelson’s uncle is trying to keep Adelson there, but Madam Rivers assures them that all he wants is to return to his beloved fiancee Nelly. On their departure, Colonel Struley emerges, dressed in hunting clothes. Exiled from Ireland for an unspecified prior crime, Struley has returned to kidnap Nelly, his niece, and to take her back to London, with the help of an apprehensive Geronio (Aria, ‘Tu provi un palpito per la dimora’). Struley dismisses Geronio’s qualms about his plans, and they go their separate ways. Salvini’s Neapolitan servant Bonifacio then appears, and is met by a messenger with a letter listing his multiple creditors (Cavatina, ‘Bonifacio Voccafrolla?’) He vows to appeal to Salvini’s goodwill to pay them off, or else to run away to Siberia. Salvini enters, preoccupied by his own unrevealed passion for Nelly (Duet, ‘Speranza seduttrice’). He laments that Adelson ever persuaded him to leave Italy, and reveals that for ten days he has held onto a love letter for Nelly from Adelson. Salvini departs as Fanny, Nelly and Madam Rivers arrive; Nelly recalls her previous attempt at marriage to Adelson three years before, in the same castle, which was thwarted by the arrival of Struley’s henchmen to kidnap her. Fearing that Adelson will not return, she sings of her fading hopes for happiness (Romance, ‘Dopo l’oscuro nembo’). Salvini finally gives Nelly Adelson’s letter, and she asks him to read it to her; it confirms that Adelson’s uncle wishes him to stay in London and to marry someone else, in order to receive his inheritance. Nelly faints (Finale, ‘Ah! L’oppresse il dolor’), and comes round to find Salvini embracing her. To her horror, he confesses his love for her, before Bonifacio enters to announce the return of Adelson, who has escaped London to return to Nelly. Salvini departs confused and distraught, while Madam Rivers, Fanny, Bonifacio and a chorus of servants sing of their delight at their lord’s return. Adelson reaffirms his love for Nelly, and asks only for Salvini to make his happiness complete. Act II The setting remains the same, but the motto ‘To Sorrow’ on one of the temples is replaced with ‘To Hymen’, while a garland of flowers hung between two trees carries the message ‘They are Reunited Forever’, with Adelson and Nelly’s initials above it. Geronio informs Struley of Adelson’s return and of his imminent marriage to Nelly, due to take place the next day. Struley is delighted that his planned revenge can begin so soon (Duet, ‘Eh, Geronio!’), and gloats over the upcoming separation of the betrothed couple. Geronio tells Struley that he found Salvini in a distant corner of the park, where he was bewailing his love for Nelly; Struley sees an opportunity to use Salvini to help realise his plans. Bonifacio tells Madam Rivers of Adelson’s despair at Salvini’s continued absence, but then misdirects both her and Fanny in their search for the painter, to avoid their discovery of his unbalanced state of mind. Adelson enters with Nelly, and vows to continue looking for his friend. On his departure, Bonifacio tells Nelly that he knows of Salvini’s love for her, and that they must avoid a confrontation between him and Adelson. Adelson discovers Salvini about to kill himself, ridden with guilt for his impossible love. Adelson unknowingly appeals to their friendship, while Salvini remains horrified by the prospect of attending the upcoming marriage. (Duet, ‘Torna, o caro’). On Adelson’s departure, Struley promises Nelly to Salvini, claiming that Adelson has already married in London, and offering a faked letter as proof. In reading the letter, Salvini realises that he is talking to Nelly’s former abductor, but Struley persuades him that it is Adelson who is guilty of treachery, and that Salvini should therefore show Nelly the letter, and abduct her himself. Once Salvini has gone, Bonifacio spots Struley, and observes him suspiciously, thinking that he might be a debt collector. Struley assures him that he is a simple hunter, and escapes, only for Bonifacio to find Salvini, who insists unexpectedly that Adelson will soon bring him happiness; Bonifacio is left to puzzle things out alone (Aria, ‘Ora vi’, lo caso è bello!’). With everyone present, Adelson offers Fanny’s hand to Salvini (Finale, ‘Ecco alfin quel caro oggetto’). Fanny is delighted, but the bewilderment of Nelly and Salvini at this turn of events is interrupted by the announcement of a fire in the estate farmhouse that threatens the castle. Adelson entrusts Nelly to Salvini, who instantly tries to persuade her that she has been betrayed by Adelson; Nelly refuses to believe it, and is shocked to see Struley arrive. Nelly convinces Salvini of Struley’s evil designs, and Struley and Geronio threaten them both. Nelly faints in horror, and Struley carries her off; Salvini gives chase, and a gunshot is heard offstage. The others return to announce that the fire has been put out, but this good news is overshadowed by Salvini’s reappearance, believing that he has killed Nelly. Act III The act opens inside a pavilion, lit by a single flickering lamp. Adelson sits deep in thought, contemplating revenge on Salvini, and then sends for Bonifacio. Adelson promises to pardon him for his part in Salvini’s actions, if he reveals the truth about whether Nelly was having an affair with Salvini. Bonifacio claims they were, but that Adelson himself was to blame for leaving the two of them along together so much (Duet, ‘Miette l’esca vicin’a lo ffuoco’). Adelson is stricken by his own complicity, and frees Bonifacio. He then brings in Salvini, who confesses his love for Nelly, and explains that it was Struley who had fired the shot, and that he had intended to kill Struley, only to kill Nelly by mistake with a knifeblow. Adelson announces that he will show Salvini the murdered Nelly by way of revenge; Salvini begs to be killed instead (Aria with chorus, ‘Si cadrò… ma estinto ancora’), only for Adelson to open the curtains to show Nelly alive, together with Fanny, Madame Rivers and a group of peasants crowning her with flowers. Nelly reveals that the blow from Salvini had caught in her cloak. In the aftermath, Adelson’s servants had captured Struley and Geronio in a nearby cave and taken them to prison. Adelson forgives the repentant Salvini, and to show his clemency sends him back to Italy with a generous allowance. Finally, Adelson and Nelly are able to marry (Chorus, ‘Ah Nelly, tributo umìle’).